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About Orlando Medical Rentals

Our mission began with our owner taking care of her brother with Cerebral Palsy and later helping other family and friends. She sets a terrific example for us all as a caregiver and friend. She gathers her inspiration from the children, parents and grandparents we serve. That is why we offer rentals for Babies, Boomers & Beyond.

Orlando Medical Rentals provides many things to people of all ages. The most valuable of these things is peace of mind. Both travelers and locals depend on us, and we take that seriously. Our favorite part of our work is meeting our patients while they are here on vacation and at home. Many of our items have been added to our inventory as a result of patient recommendation.

Our team is ready-to-go with scooters, oxygen equipment, bath items and beds. We make it easier to take care of loved ones at home or visiting Central Florida and beyond.

  • About Orlando Medical Rentals